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Baba Vanga Remedy For Plantar Wart
January 17, 2023

Baba Vanga believed that the most important thing for man and his or her health is to be at peace and in harmony with nature. But when talking about her practices as a healer she often shared that she didn’t know when and what remedy to recommend, but that a higher power whispered it to her.

Without denying official medicine, Baba Vanga believed that the use of medications from chemical substances impairs the internal balance and energy of the human body. Nevertheless, she sometimes sent away some visitors and told them to seek help in a hospital – she knew that they would help them there. She pointed out exact names of doctors and medical institutions, which she could otherwise not know, as she had never been there herself.

It is impossible to list all herbs, which Baba Vanga used for healing and treating, but this book will offer you some of her basic and most often used natural remedies.


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