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Baba Vanga's Healing Practices
January 17, 2023

Baba Vanga’s gift to foresee is just one of her many talents. She became known as a phenomenon not only with her ability to see into the future, but also with the natural methods in healing diverse and serious illnesses. The prophetess is among the most popular and significant healers of the XXth century. In her practice, she used mainly methods from popular medicine, and she has left behind over 100 healing recipes, which, compiled together, represent a real encyclopedia of health.

Some people think, that her talent was not so much in the ability to see into the future and the past, rather than to read correctly the natural signs and other miracles of nature. Baba Vanga used to meet her guests right in the garden, under the bright sun.


In her healing practice, the prophetess used primarily herbs and plants which are native to Bulgaria. She often used to say that in order to be healthy and happy, a person should be in constant harmony with the world around him or her. Baba Vanga was a remarkable diagnostician as far as illness is concerned – she knew exactly what was necessary to overcome the illness and what could be used to best effect to strengthen the organism of the sick person. She could do this thanks to her gift as a prophetess.


Healing practices and procedures for treating injuries


In Baba Vanga’s practice, it was very common to use recipes where the infusion was used not so much internally, by drinking a tea or a concoction, rather than as a compress on the affected area of the body. Warm baths and washes were also considered very helpful.


The external, water procedures, especially enhanced through the power of herbs, are very beneficial for the skin and the blood circulation.  To achieve optimum results, you should know how to apply the procedure correctly.


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Here is a famous Baba Vanga recipe for constipation:

Рецепта на Баба Ванга за Запек

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